Project Management

3th March 2022 task list

  • Main page
  • Convert page – CTA Calendar
  • Registration process
    • ID inheritance from main page
    • Thank you page
    • No confirmation and subscription
    • Confirmation email content
    • 5 days before email content is the same
    • 1 hour before email is the link only
  • Evaluation email:
    • right after the webinar
    • 3 questions agreed at Paparazzi
    • 5 steps funnel start
  • Check 5 steps funnel content
  • First drafts of promo material by Marion by Canva
    • Register Techsoup
    • Create Webinar promo and registration page
    • Configure Google ADS
  • Contracts
    • First 100 hours to manage lab, test registration process
    • One test solution agreement
    • Gut Restore Program referrer agreement

3th March 2022 task list ends

Test the 5 + 1 steps email funnel click here

Task on GoogleSheet – use your gmail account to login.

This page was created as “center place” of links we use. Such as landing

Feel free to add, comment, correct what your thing upgradable (I guess a lot).–BbfY8EhddwB1kJvmhbI/edit



page links, etc.

Will be password protected soon

registration is for a 5 steps funnel