It's time to set your Health Agenda


If you have checked the three previous questions, the following should provide you with the solution (if not, you are part of the 10% of the population without any health problem and we will leave each other nicely now.)

What if everything came from the belly ?

Do you remember this simple question popping up in the media a few years ago? It sounds like a magic formula.

However, if you’ve been interested in wellness methods and recent developments in health science, you may have probably heard of the “gut-brain axis” ?

GUT HEALTH and Gut-Brain Axis

The Gut-Brain Axis is the link that scientists have established between the brain’s neurotransmitters and other neurotransmitters, which they have identified in our intestinal flora. For the Gut we now use the term second brain.

Scientists have observed the significant and sometimes irreversible damage caused by GUT inflammation and the negative collateral effects of poor gut health.

This connection plays an important role in the regulation of digestion, metabolism, the production of hormones and of course neurotransmitters, and immunity. 

Studies have shown that disruptions in the gut-brain axis can influence the development of anxiety and other psychological disorders.

Have you experienced
one or more of these disabling problems
linked to GUT HEALTH ?

The list is impressive : 

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Anemia
  • Joint pain
  • Infections
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gains
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Thyroid problems
  • Memory problems
  • and much more…

Enduring the Pain

When you have been suffering for years, you learn to bear the discomfort. But when it becomes unbearable, you try to relieve the pain at all costs.

Suffering is a cause of psychological distress, that can impact your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual life. You feel a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.  It’s a major cause of emergency !

You are desperately seeking for ways to reduce your pain : antacids medications, pain killer pills, eating lighter, drinking more water, lifestyle change. 
It’s so frustrating to try different options and have none of them work in the long-term.

  • Research on pain management has progressed. However, on long courses, taking anti-inflammatory medications also have undesirable side effects.
  • You may have tried fashionable diets that are reputed to be “healthy”.  Paleo, keto, low-carb or gluten free may provide relief for a while, but diets are not always adapted to your personal and complex health issues.
  • So, you may have already tried food supplements available in health food stores or pharmacies. Omega 3, probiotics or vitamins are easy to buy, but finding the best quality supplements brands and taking the right dosage is quite a bloody headache !

You alternate between “good practices” and “cracks”.
You live in a downward spiral, until the next miracle solution comes along.

In the end, you find yourself alone with your choices and you are tired, and you despair of finding an ending.

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What if waking up from this endless nightmare was possible ?

What if I could resolve my problems without new ones popping up ?

What if someone had figured out how to build a program to get out of it ?

Where it All Begins

Beautiful Malta landscape

In 2002., the young Maltese researcher Godfrey Grech left his native sunny island and the healthy local food, to study molecular genetics abroad.

Young G.Grech StudentOver the years and countless hours bent over the laboratory bench, and less attention to his body, he did not notice at first that his health was declining

One day, however, his level of cholesterol is concerning, his weight is too high, he had more difficulty to sleep and joint pain started. He got an insight : on the strength of his knowledge of GUT HEALTH and his methodology of cross-examine Data, he tested and he changed his diet and lifestyle for the better.

He understood how fatigue, persistent aches and pains, swelling of joints could indicate an underlying inflammatory disorder. He monitored his body and mind. He managed his lifestyle on brand new healthy basis.

The adventurous young student had become an eminent professor of molecular oncology at the University of Malta. He could not ignore that his research and his life experience could help hundreds of people to regain their health and live better.

Health Talks

Prof. G. Grech’s FREE online LIVE Health Talks are attended by hundreds of people every month.

There is no substitute for personal experience
combined with the most advanced scientific knowledge.

Professor Godfrey Grech

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Gut Restore Program

A Journey through Science

In Health matter, understanding the subject is essential for seeing the value of a proposition. Let’s use a metaphor to illustrate our point further.

There is no point in having the tank of our car filled with the best fuel, if the engine has a flat battery, oil leaks, the shocks are totally shot and the brakes are out of order.

When pain comes from a basic problem like GUT HEALTH disorder, it’s time for a thorough repair.

Prof. Grech’s proposal is easy to grab : Restore your “vehicle” right now !

Inflammatory disorders can cause limited mobility and difficulties performing daily activities.  They can also damage to organs and increase the risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It  cause or aggravates most chronic pain.

Take control of your GUT HEALTH right now !

Stop guessing about your health

It’s time to set your personal health agenda and to take proactive steps towards a healthier GUT.

Your personalized Gut Restore Program provides you a comprehensive solution.

Enter the Gut Restore Program

The unique ALL-INCLUSIVE program
and a FULL PERSONALIZED coaching

The GUT RESTORE PROGRAM is highly personalized because your individual system and your specific journey in health matter.

With the empathic help of you scientific team and their regular coaching , you are close to discover your inner power of Restoration.

Restoring and maintaining GUT HEALTH based on your own Data is now totally available for you.

“Our team is here to help you reach your health goal (…)

because we’re looking for the cause,
and we keep on digging!

Prof. G. Grech

We test and we act

Testing is the basis of scientific research. We’re scientists. We work on reliable data. So we will create your own personal data.

Testing allows scientists to verify hypothesis and refine their theories.
However more importantly for you, testing allows scientists to identify and address potential issues before they become majors problems

The GUT RESTORE PROGRAM is a unique opportunity to access HIGH QUALITY and SCIENTIFICAL results, labeled and validated by leading laboratories.


  • 2 full spectrum fatty acid Omega3 Tests 
  • 2 microbiota GA-map® Dysbiosis Tests
  • approved very rich omega 3 supplements from sustainable and certified production
  • approved high quality prebiotics and probiotics
  • including 6 personalized consultations with Gut Health and Nutritionist Experts
  • educational coaching to plan lifestyle adjustments based on your tests results

  •  our team is trained in the program directly under the scientific validation of Prof. G. Grech.

What makes Gut Restore Program unique?

Say goodbye to your lonely journey in pain. 

The Gut Restore Program is based on scientific Data and Knowledge

  • Complementary to the most advanced medical treatments
  • Based on irrefutable scientific Tests

  • With professional scientific Support for your new healthy forever lifestyle

  • High quality very rich and approved Supplementation included

  • No hidden costs : Guarantee and full information Transparency

  • Remote Laboratory Testing

  • Online available from Home.

What real benefits can you expect ?

Once you commit yourself to your health and you go through with the Gut Restore Program,  there is no better incentive than breaking free from permanent stress and suffering.

Before going any further, what the GUT RESTORE PROGRAM will never deliver :

  • it is not an alternative treatment
  • it is not a medical solution
  • it is not a sports coaching.
GUT HEALTH restoration is  stupendous. The results that can be expected from restoring your GUT HEALTH are impressive and numerous.

Your Testimonial featured here soon ?

“Over the past weeks, I have been following the online talks on Gut Health being organized by Professor G. Grech.I have felt the need to better understand my GUT HEALTH due to the uncomfortableness experienced, often exacerbated by stress factors and rich food. I have decided to follow the GUT RESTORE PROGRAM I have found this program to be personalised and easy to implement. As an academic working within the area of sports/physical activity and psychology, I am also interested in understanding further the link between the GUT and the BRAIN  and how our intestinal bacteria affect our mental health.

Restimonial Adele Muscat

Dr Adele Muscat
Lecturer Institute For Physical Education And Sport University Of Malta @adelemuscatcart

The Gut Restore Program is managed by professionals who work hand in hand with professionals, backed by research and extensive knowledge in the field, with an ultimate aim – optimising the client’s health
The program is bridging the gaps in medicine, through research, and non-invasive investigations, that are usually carried out at the comfort of the client’s own home. 
I highly recommend the Gut Restore Program for the scientific initiatives and functional investigations which ultimately result as an investment in one’s health.

Claire Bellizzi
Head of Apex Academy
Director of Quality Assurance & Standards APEX Group Ltd.

Hannah Giacchino is a talented young influencer, Miss Malta 2020, who relied on the Gut Restore Program to enhance her well-being and increase her general Health. @hannahgiacchino_x

Invest in your health today. Change your life for the better


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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing today is setting yourself up for problems tomorrow. And you exactly know that it’s true. “We dig our grave with our teeth”, what we eat is crucial.

In our stressful modern society, food is denatured by agricultural industrialization and preservation processes.

Pollution and sedentary lifestyle are responsible for making our bodies increasingly sensitive.

We see too many people not taking into account the alarms of the body.

Imagine if Professor Godfrey Grech had not taken into account his health problems?

Imagine if he would not had the energy to create and launch the GUT RSTORE PROGRAM, that is already helping dozens of people regain their AUTONOMY?

Taking Omega 3 and very rich prebiotics plus probiotics on a daily basis is not a fad, but a natural health gesture.

Visualize all the goals you can achieve with a powerful and healthy energy source.

Preserving your natural health capital.

Enjoying more quality time with friends and family.

Perhaps you dream to play with your grandkids without any pain for your lifetime and quit feeling like a shameful burden for your loved ones .

Perhaps you are longing to play your favorite sport again. Or you strive to improve your performances even as one ages.

Once you can practice again without any suffering, you feel like you have got a new world ahead of you


Regaining energy, having a positive temperament are attainable dreams. It’s in your reality now.


The GUT RESTORE PROGRAM is based on science and a professional GUT HEALTH team committed to your side. You can stop the consultations on simple requests

The GUT RESTORE PROGRAM team around Prof. G. Grech is dedicated to help sufferers regain a healthy life and renewed energy. 

If the Omega 3 test and the Dysbiosis test do not indicate any intestinal disorder, our scientific team can offer you to follow the CARDIO PROTECT PROGRAM.

We’re here to offer you the support and guidance you need to overcome your difficulties and get back on track. You won’t be alone facing your health issues.

We care about you.

get on the path to wellness : Join the Gut Restore Program

Stop guessing about your health
Set your Health Agenda

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