It’s time to set your health agenda

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the best and more sustainable strategy for your daily routine to maintain and enhance your health for ever

  • Do you have a lot of health knowledge that you are not able to put into practice?
  • Do you have difficulty choosing the right nutritional supplements and diet for your specific health problem?
  • Do you find that despite the pain you feel and your strong motivation to get better, you cannot find a lasting solution for yourself?

If you have checked the three previous questions, the following should provide you with the solution (if not, you are part of the 10% of the population who do not have any health problems, and we will leave each other nicely now).

What if everything came from the belly?

Do you remember this simple question popping up in the media a few years ago?
It sounds like a magic formula, but if you’ve been interested in wellness methods and recent developments in health science, you may have heard of the “gut-brain axis”?

  1. This is the link that scientists have established between the brain’s neurotransmitters and other neurotransmitters, which they have identified in our intestinal flora. We talk about our “second brain” for the belly.
  2. Even more interesting, scientists have observed the significant and sometimes irreversible damage caused by gut inflammation and the negative collateral effects of poor gut health.

The list is impressive:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Anemia
  • Joint pain
  • Infections
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Memory problems
  • Thyroid problems
  • Autoimmune diseases…

Have you experienced one or more of these disabling symptoms?
So, you know that when you have been suffering for years, you learn to bear the discomfort.
But when it becomes unbearable, you try to relieve the pain at all costs.
It’s an emergency !

  1. Research on pain management has progressed. However, on long courses, anti-inflammatory and pain medications also have undesirable side effects.
  2. You may have tried fashionable diets that are reputed to be “healthy”. They may provide relief for a while, but are not always adapted to your real problem (paleo, keto, low-carb, gluten free…)

When the cause is multifactorial, we just cannot remove everything from your diet !

  1. So, you may have already tried taking food supplements available in health food stores or pharmacies. It is easy to find omega 3, probiotics or vitamins, but it is important to take the right dosages and find the best brands. Again, it’s quite a headache to find the right path to better health !

In the end, you find yourself alone with your choices and you are tired.
You alternate between “good practices” and “cracks”.
You live in a downward spiral, until the next miracle solution comes along.
And you despair of finding a lasting solution.

Understand what has been wrong up until now and how to get out of it

It is no longer enough to take products/supplements and wait for a miracle.
What if waking up from this endless alternatives offers’s nightmare was not a miracle?
What if someone had figured out how to build a program

  • tested in laboratory
  • verified by protocol 
  • validated by health professionals
  • adapted to your complex problems
  • and sustainable for your lifetime ?

(prof picture as a young resacher)

In 19., the young Maltese researcher Goodfrey Grech left his native sunny island and the healthy local food, to study molecular genetics abroad. Over the years and hours spent in the laboratory, he did not notice at first that his health was declining.

One day, however, the cholesterol is there, the weight is too high, the difficulty to sleep, the joint pains. He got an insight. He made important changes in his diet and lifestyle, then he got healthy again. 

There is no substitute for personal experience combined with the most advanced scientific knowledge.

The adventurous young student had become an eminent professor of molecular oncology (?) He could not ignore that his research could help hundreds of people to regain their health and live better.

Professor Grech is now involved in non-governmental programs toward the Maltese population and around the world. His online Health Talks are attended by hundreds of people every month.

Beyond health education, it turn to be crucial to propose a new option.


  • complementary to the most advanced medical treatments
  • based on irrefutable tests
  • with professional clinical support
  • high quality products.

There is no point in having the tank of our car filled with the best fuel
If the engine has a flat battery, oil leaks, the shocks are totally shot and the brakes are out of order, we won’t get very far.
Prof. Grech’s proposal is easy to grab :
go to the garage and restore your car now!

Stop guessing about your health

It’s time to set your personal health agenda

Our team is here to help you reach your health goal (…)
because we’re looking for the cause, and we keep on digging ! 
Prof. Godfrey Grech
University of Malta

What makes GRP unique?

It combines several ways to rehabilitate the field.

  • a program based on test results (details)
  • a perfectly adapted supplementation (details)
  • a personal identified goal and precise deadlines
  • a fully personalized coaching

Once your personal program has been established with our team, based on your tests and personal details, you can experience the benefits of the Gut Restore Program on your well-being.

Driven by Science
« we test and we act »
Dysbiosis Test Example

Dysbiosis Test report (extract)

Dysbiosis Test report (extract)

Dysbiosis Test report (extract)

Set your goal and go for good health

⚠️ The Gut Restore Program offers impressive results, but it is not miraculous!

⚠️ What this program is not :

  • it is not a medical solution
  • it is not an alternative treatment
  • it is not a sports coaching

If you commit yourself to your health, and you go through with it, what real benefits can you expect from the GUT RESTORE PROGRAM ?

  • restored intestinal health
  • rebalancing of the microbiome
  • regained vitality
  • glowing skin
  • weight loss
  • lasting relief from chronic inflammatory painstabilized mood
  • you learn the basics of “human mechanics” and become autonomous.
  • improvement of the cardiovascular function
  • positive effects on diabetes
  • relaxed joint
  • good practices based on a true knowledgeand much more…

Invest in your health today and change your life for the better

The Gut Restore Program is 
an ALL-INCLUSIVE program
6 months of support, supplementation, personal coaching
with a clinician trained to perform the Gut Restore Program

    • 2 tests to establish and balance your omega3 omega 6 ratio
    • 2 intestinal dysbiosis tests for …
    • Omega 3 supplements of the best Norwegian quality, from traced products, and labeled
    • pre and probiotics (validated by the research of Prof. Grech ?)
  • 6 monthly consultations for a perfect adaptation to your starting ground and your progress
  • advices and follow-up on good health practices specific to your personal health needs


“Over the past weeks, I have been following the online talks on Gut Health being organised by Professor Godfrey Grech and Smart Health Ltd. I took an interest in these talks since over the past years I have felt the need to understand better my gut health due to the uncomfortableness experienced from time to time, often exacerbated by stress factors and rich foods. 

I found these talks to be very insightful and helpful and I have decided to follow the gut restore program in order to enhance my gut health. I have found this program to be personalised and during this first month easy to implement.

As an academic working within the area of sports/physical activity and psychology, I am also interested in understanding further the link between the gut and the brain and how our intestinal bacteria can affect our mental health.”

Dr Adele Muscat Lecturer Institute For Physical Education And Sport,University Of Malta

How do I join the Gut Restore Program community ?

The Gut Restore Program offers a unique opportunity to access high quality solutions that are labeled and validated by leading laboratories.

  • 2 omega 3 tests 
  • 2 dysbiosis tests
  • very high quality omega 3 supplements from sustainable and certified norwegian production
  • very high quality prebiotics and probiotics
  • including 6 personalized consultations and educational coaching

with our team trained in the program directly under the scientific validation of Prof. Godfrey Grech.

  • Analyze and apply the omega and dysbiosis tests
  • Understand your individual terrain
  • Acquire the best lifestyle practices adapted to your person.

« never go back and gain lasting health ! »

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing today, you know, is setting yourself up for problems tomorrow.
When we say “we dig our grave with our teeth”, it means that what we eat is essential.
In a modern society, where food is denatured by agricultural industrialization and preservation processes. 

Taking omega 3 or pre- and probiotics on a daily basis is not a fad,  but a natural health gesture.

We see too many people not taking into account the alarms.
Imagine if Professor Grech had not taken into account his health problems?
Would he have had the energy to propose this program that is already helping dozens of people regain their autonomy?

Regaining energy, having a positive temperament, stop suffering are not unattainable dreams.

It’s in your reality now. 

There are objective and realistic reasons to strive for perfect health.

  • stopping chronic pain
  • preserving your health capital
  • seeing your children and grandchildren grow up and have fun playing with them
  • improving one’s sports performance even as one ages
  • feeling yourself useful to others thanks to one’s regained vitality (and not to become a burden for those around you)
  • maintaining independent living
  • practising sports without pain…
  • … Feel totally free to add your very clear vision of what is good for you ! 


The Gut Restore Program is based on science and a professional health team committed to your side. You can stop the consultations on simple requests. 
The Gut Restore Program team around Prof. Grech does everything possible to help sufferers regain a healthy life and renewed energy. 

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